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SEO is a critical component of any search marketing campaign. Over 80% of all search engine users click on organic search listing rather than paid search ads. Natural search drives approximately 3-10x more traffic than PPC advertising and is extremely cost effective. In general, a truly successful website uses both organic SEO and PPC for their overall online marketing strategy.

Web By Numbers can help you with the holy grail of SEO – to achieve a high, stable and long term presence at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPS) for phrases that have both high volume and convert well.

Web By Numbers’ Most Popular SEO services:


A deep analysis on your site that encompasses every aspect of SEO, from code to content and design. Our SEO audit best serves companies with inhouse staff that have SEO knowledge but can’t afford to spend 4-6 hours a day doing SEO research and training. Many clients choose to have this audit performed every quarter. The report ultimately acts as a inhouse SEO training manual and roadmap

Onpage optimization

Hands-on optimization of your site’s content, meta data & site architecture.  Many clients choose to have us do the work for them and report back on progress. Any changes to content that is user-facing is always done in collaboration with the client. This service combined with the seo auditing is the most comprehensive and fastest way to make progress on your SEO efforts.

International expansion

If you are striving to go global with a strong online presence in multiple countries and multiple languages, we are the ones to help get you to the top of the search results in a way that doesn’t create cannibalize your existing search campsigns. Learn more about International SEO services